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5 Steps To Pr Mastery

Posted by: on Oct 31, 2014 12:32:38 AM

Yet many companies fail in their PR outreach because they lack consistent effort. If you want to unleash your full PR potential, you must work it into your daily routine.

It all starts by defining whom you want to reach in order to succeed, then putting your best foot forward. Start with these five steps:

1. Define your audience. If you don't know whom you are talking to, don't bother talking at all.

The world is flooded with messages, and we are conditioned to filter out anything that doesn't directly concern us. You have to figure out who your audience is—and every detail you can about their life—so you can take the next step.

2. Craft your message. Decide what you want to say. This can't be any old message; it has to resonate with your audience.

Know what they care about, and how your message is relevant. That is the only way to cut through the clutter and present them with your message.

Be consistent, and persistent. Researchers have found that a person must perceive a message five times before they will begin to think or act on it. If you only try once, no one will respond.

3. Choose your medium. This is where you start to let lose your creativity. You know whom to talk to and what to say, you must determine how you're going to say it.

The only standard here is that it needs to reach the people you want. Teenagers don't watch "60 Minutes," but they do go to movies. Go where your audience is.

4. Package your message. You now can produce that design layout or that press release you were antsy to do this whole time.

Make sure your creative supports the work you put into the 3 previous steps. It's easy to get lost in the art of a project and forget that it must serve a business purpose.

5. Build a schedule. Think through the timeline of your plan.

Mark on your calendar and your to do list when you must complete essential tasks. Take at least 10 minutes a day to review the plan and work on what you want to deliver.

Also remember to always be honest and transparent and look for the win-win in every situation. Successful brands are also always honest, even when the truth is hard to hear. The best PR practice is to simply do business ethically.

Consistent effort, over time, will build strong relationships, which leads to success.

Remember that PR is about building relationships and trust by getting your story heard by the right people. 

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